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Toll Processing Services

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SCS / Brushed P&O

Most toll processors offer cut-to-length or slitting. Very few can add Stretcher-Leveling to their list of services. And only JDM Steel brings you SCS and Brushed P&O surface enhancement and shape correction.

OEMs and manufacturers choose JDM Steel for toll processing specifically because of our enhanced processing capability. They want steel that’s flatter and cleaner than other toll processors can achieve and they want it at a fair price. The fact that we’re located so close to the mills of Gary and Burns Harbor, Indiana is just ‘icing on the cake’ for these customers.

Many service centers also use JDM Steel’s toll processing for the same reasons as OEMs – enhanced steel quality at a fair price and a freight-friendly location. And they really appreciate the extras we offer like ‘private branding’ using customer-supplied paper wrap and tags.

So whether you’re an OEM needing large volumes of flatter, cleaner sheet or a service center wanting to offer differentiated flat rolled products, contact the JDM toll processing team for a quote, a visit, or a trial run. Use this Toll Processing RFQ Form for a rapid online response:

JDM Steel Toll Processing Request For Quotation Form

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Paper Wrapped?

** Edge Trim max thickness of 0.130" and max width of 1.50" per side.