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Cut-to-Length Capability

Material:Hot Roll, HRPO, Cold Roll, GAL
Yield:to 100,000 psi. min.
Thickness:0.040" – 0.625"
Width:24" – 96"
Coil Specs:inquire by location
Sheet Length:48" – 720"
Max. Stack:inquire by location

We offer more options for Cut-to-Length processing than you’re probably used to, unless you’re already a JDM Steel customer:

  • Thickness to 0.625″,
  • Width to 96″ and sheet length up to 60 feet,
  • Options for Corrective Leveling to produce sheets that meet the most stringent flatness requirements.

We’re obviously geared to handle the sheet and plate needs of manufacturers specializing in large products – rail cars, con-ag equipment, storage tanks, etc. – who need material of exceptional flatness and squareness.

At the same time, our equipment and systems are equally adept at producing ‘stay flat’ sheets of light gauge material with the pinpoint dimensional accuracy* required by contract fabricators and makers of electrical enclosures. And our SCS/Brushed P&O capability – completely unique to JDM Steel – solves many of the surface quality issues that otherwise create additional costs and operational headaches for fabricators.

That makes us your complete source for Cut-to-Length processing, whether you’re ordering steel from us directly or having us toll process for you.

* edge trim available – inquire by location for details.