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The JDM Steel Service Difference: Our People

Our customers appreciate our unique processing capabilities, quick delivery and competitive prices. But the main reason our customers are so loyal is our employees. The JDM Steel Team is acutely responsive to customer needs and proactive in solving or preventing problems.
Like helping an engineer select the right grade of steel for a new product he’s developing, and then supplying trial quantities. Or locating tube, structural and bar for a customer who normally just buys plate and doesn’t have a supplier for these other items.

JDM Steel people are proactive in solving customer problems with material availability. Scheduled releases and JIT programs are routine for us, and customers appreciate how we step in with quick turnaround when another supplier let them down. We’ve even accepted ‘bad coils’ other suppliers had delivered to our customers, literally ‘straightening them out’ using our stretcher leveling and corrective leveling capabilities.

But it’s when the pressure’s on that our customers value us the most. You see, JDM Steel people don’t respond with ‘Leave a message. I’ll get back to you.’ Instead, a JDM account rep takes your call, literally walks your urgent need out to the shop foreman, and they start working out possible solutions with you, right now, right on the phone. It’s how JDM Steel people get the job done for you.