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JIT Stocking Programs


300,000 ft2 indoor storage


Coil, Sheet or Plate


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advanced technology for steel pickling and fabrication


using Tekla steel detailing software to drive structural fabrication               advanced plasma beam drilling


Retrofit Hydrochloric acid pickling of steel with eco pickled surface               rust resistant steel pickling in Korea

Just-In-Time Programs For Material Management Flexibility

Many customers who buy their steel from JDM Steel enjoy the flexibility of having their material delivered on a JIT basis. This avoids storage at their facility, which may lack the space, handling equipment or climate-control measures for a full steel inventory. It can also help with cash flow, as less working capital is tied up in storing steel that is not yet ready to be processed.


Most importantly, our JIT Stocking Programs give our steel-buying customers confidence to operate 'lean,' knowing their steel will be there when they need it, in the configuration they require and with all mill certs and QC records. That's smart supply chain management.


With three stocking locations that total 300,000 ft2climate controlled (non condensing) storage, we are poised to serve 80% of the country's manufacturers on a quick-delivery basis. We flexibly manage JIT programs for manufacturers having literally hundreds of part numbers by offering:


  • Slit coil, sheet and plate stocking plus selected 'first stage' fabricated parts;
  • Both scheduled releases and short notice delivery from the stock we manage.

If you're having material availability or delivery problems with your current supplier, you need to contact us right away.


Perhaps you're ready to move into a 'lean production' mode that includes JIT delivery of material, but are concerned your steel supplier isn't up to the task. We'd like to show you the types of JIT stocking programs we already have in place for lean-minded companies and configure a program tailored to your needs. Just contact the JDM Steel location nearest you.